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A company internal control system construction and start training meeting

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A company internal control system construction and start training meeting

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To promote the company's internal control system construction, improve the management level and risk prevention and control ability, promoting the sustainable healthy development, on March 29, 2012 in the afternoon, the company in the jin west hotel at an internal control system construction and start training meeting, the company part of the directors, executive officers, middle above management and related department staff of more than ninety people attended the meeting. Meeting the company internal control implementation working group leader, general manager ZhangChaoHong host.

On the meeting, zhang is the company's development of internal control system construction work made a mobilization speech. In the speech, he from the company's own development requirements and carry out the supervision departments and the board of directors work deployment two aspects emphasized the importance of the construction of internal control system, and introduces the company carry out internal control work schedule, and the comprehensive start internal control system construction work puts forward the requirements. He asked, the working group and each unit should be in strict accordance with the internal control implementation plan in a down-to-earth manner, comprehensive carding business process, establish and perfect the system framework, looks for the accurate risk point, this paper puts forward the preventive measures, and ultimately to ensure that the internal control system in the company's overall implementation. At the same time, the construction of internal control system of the essence of fusion to daily management, gradually formed the long-term mechanism of internal control work.

Shanxi securities regulatory bureau, deputy director of the XiaoQin not convey the securities regulatory authorities to carry out the work of the specific requirements, and the company's internal control work to carry out put forward valuable Suggestions.

Finally, retained by the company internal control consultation mechanism combined with company internal control system construction work plan, the staff of the internal control special training.